English| ELT |Primary

Starland is a clear, well-organised syllabus with extensive recycling ensuring that students quickly acquire the new language.

Key Features

Modular pages that set the module targets as well as present the core vocabulary of each module
Brief and clear grammar presentation as well as graded practice
Development of communicative skills through situational dialogues and role play activities (Everyday English)
Guided writing & project work that help learners develop their writing skills
Study skills to develop students’ autonomy and give them extra help and support
Cross-Cultural material to familiarise learners with the way of life of English and non-English speaking countries
Cross-Curricular sections that use English as a means to explore other subject areas
ICT: self access tasks to develop learner independence
Time out: and end-of-the-module section with songs, quizzes and other interesting activities to instruct as well as entertain learners


  • Student’s Book
  • Workbook & grammar
  • Teacher’s Book
  • Class CDs
  • Student’s CD
  • Interactive Whiteboard Software
  • Test & Resource Book
  • Test audio CD