Take Off

English| ELT |Primary

Take Off  is a 3-level series that builds a solid foundation for English learning.  Each level includes a variety of exercises that work on developing students’ oral, listening, language, reading and writing skills.  The wide range of activities helps them excel in language, get involved in cognitive learning and expand their skills and knowledge.  The thematic coherence available ensures a successful learning process and a smooth transition from oral to written expression.  Moreover, the selections promote values such as friendship, helpfulness and thoughtfulness.  Each unit targets a final project that allows students to reinvest all they have already learned and enhances their creativity and manual dexterity. The fact that students’ performance is assessed at regular intervals provides grounds for the teacher to evaluate and reteach accordingly. 

The methodology implemented throughout the series enables students to interact and communicate in English at a very early stage.  Adopting the pedagogical sequence, a systematic approach, in the teaching-learning process is crucial to ensure a successful learning experience.

Authors: - Petra Eddé Salloum  - Nicole Sarraf Boukidjian

Pedagogical Supervisor: Dr. Colette Aoun



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